Rediscovery: ESPN 30 for 30 Rand University

Based in Minnesota, I come across a lot of Minnesota Vikings jerseys. I focus on sports so I pick up jerseys. I come across Randy Moss jerseys frequently and usually pass them up unless their priced at $5.00 or less. This strategy has changed because of a documentary series called 30 for 30 on ESPN.

I had sold one Moss jersey after holding it about a month for $17.00. The most popular players sold the most jerseys, and thus are the most common. Because of this, they don’t carry premium prices, especially if they’re less than 10 years old. 30 for 30 did an episode called Rand University on 11/11/14. I sold one of the two jerseys I had in stock that night for $29.99. Then shortly thereafter sold the other for $29.99. I picked up another Moss which I got strong offer of $25.00 within a week.

Shows like these help people rediscover players they once idolized and sparks renewed interest. Items that may be low margin before the show airs may turn into high margin items after. Other episodes of 30 for 30 this year included Brian Bosworth, Livan/Orlando Hernandez, New York Knicks (70’s teams), 1989 World Series and the Herschel Walker trade. It seems that Walker’s throwbacks have received brisk business the vintage Vikings jerseys do not. In this situation the story revolves around how bad the trade was for the Vikings. It would stand to reason, not too many people would be inspired to check eBay to acquire a jersey.

This should offer a reminder that vintage isn’t set in stone. Keep an eye on what the media is doing to help your sales.


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